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With over 30 years experience in the telecommunications industry, we maintain a reliable & exclusive service to our customers.

Do you need to be able to contact clients easily on the other side of the world? To work remotely & effortlessly from other company sites? Or to ensure that customers can always reach you?

Whatever your business demands, BP&N can offer bespoke services that help you thrive in the modern business world. We transform the way that companies operate and help them take full control of their phone and ICT systems; significantly enhancing their productivity, customer service levels, efficiency and flexibility.

Our Services

All of our telephone systems are hosted in the cloud, which means that they rely on an Internet connection. This leads to many business benefits.

Specialising in high speed data connectivity, the modern office today is completely reliant on the Internet. The better your connection, the smoother your business will run.

As BP&N are a BT wholesale partner, we offer economies of scale. This means that our clients achieve impressive cost savings.

If you need a new phone system, the chances are that you may require ICT services too that meet your bespoke requirements.

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“Working with BP&N has been easy, so easy that since the install, BP&N have supplied a number of CSCM clients with the same phone system. This is a testimonial in itself.”

- Jude Thompson, Managing Director of CSCM Ltd

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