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Having problems with your service? Relieve the frustration with our practical help.

We’ve collated a list of frequently asked questions and have developed user guides that our clients find invaluable.

However, if we haven’t covered your queries, call us on 0844 822 1212 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm with your account number ready or email us at support@bpnetworks.co.uk

User Guides

Your Guide to Hosted Telephony

Beginner’s Guide to Connectivity

Yealink User Guide

Polycom User Guide

  • Lines & Calls

    Can I keep my current number?


    In nearly all circumstances, it is possible to transfer your number to our hosted platform. However, this will be confirmed to you. Please contact us on 0844 822 1212 to speak to our Provisioning team.

    When will my line be active?


    For a new line install, a line is active for 7-10 working days depending on engineer availability. If you’re migrating a line, the lead time is 14 days.

    Will I stay connected during the process of joining BP&N?


    We try to make it as seamless as possible when we’re migrating a line.

    What call features are available?


    The most common features on Analogue lines are;


    • Call Diversion
    • Caller ID Display
    • Outgoing Call Barring
    • Call Waiting


    For a full list of available features, please see our User Guides.

    What do I do if I have issues with my line?


    If you are having issues with your line, please contact us on 0844 822 1212, Option 2, as soon as possible. Ensure that you have the line number at hand. Alternatively, contact us on support@bpnetworks.co.uk. This will raise a ticket on our system.

  • Internet Connection

    Why does my Internet seem slow?


    There are many reasons for this, such as issues with the filter, router and cables. To help us diagnose reasons, please run Speed Tests on the following site: http://speedtest.btwholesale.com at least three times throughout the day. Send your results to support@bpnetworks.co.uk

    What speeds can I get?


    Speeds are dependent on length of copper line between the exchange and the premises.


    FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) speeds depend on the length of the copper line from the local street cabinet to the premises. However, BT is still going through the process of providing FTTC and it is not yet available in all areas.


    If you would like to check what speeds you can achieve, please use the following link: http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/products/broadband-packages

    When will my internet be active?


    Once you have ordered your broadband, it normally takes 7-10 working days.

    I already have an active internet connection, can I switch suppliers?


    Yes, you can. This is a simple process. You will just need to check you are out of contract with your current supplier.

    Why does my Internet keep dropping?


    Normally, this is due to the equipment at the Customer Premises, ranging from the filter, connection from filter to router or even the router itself. If you have checked all of the above, please contact us on 0844 822 1212 or raise a ticket by e-mailing support@bpnetworks.co.uk


  • Hosted Phone Settings

    My phone is plugged in but nothing is displayed?


    If you have Power over Ethernet, please ensure the cable is plugged into the Network port of the phone. However, if you don’t have Power over Ethernet, you will need a Power Adapter for the phone. If this is the case, you will need to contact us on 0844 822 1212.

    My phone is plugged in but I can’t hear any sound?


    If you can’t hear any sound, the first thing to check is the volume. Sometimes a phone may be muted or set to low volume when delivered, so you may need to use the volume key to increase this on first use.


    Another cause could be a loose connection between the receiver and the port at the back of the phone. A way to check this is by unplugging the curly cord from both the port on the handset and from the receiver, leaving it a minute and then reconnecting.

    If neither of these resolves your issue, please raise a ticket by emailing support@bpnetworks.co.uk

    What settings do I need on my router?


    For hosted phones, your router will need to have SIP.ALG disabled. If you are unsure whether your router is SIP.ALG disabled, please contact support@bpnetworks.co.uk and we will send you a guide on how to do so. Please note that this solution doesn’t work on Virgin Media Superhubs.

    Can I use my existing phones?


    Unfortunately, you will need new phones when moving to our hosted system.

    Can I use my phone at home or abroad?


    You can use your phone anywhere, as long as it is on a network with the correct router settings. You will also need a location to plug the phone into an Ethernet socket. If the socket doesn’t have Power of Ethernet, it will also need a Power Supply.

    I can't access my voicemails.


    If you have been locked out of voicemails or have forgotten the passcode, please e-mail support@bpnetworks.co.uk for your voicemail passcode to be reset.

    How do I use my hosted phone?


    We have user guides for all of our hosted phones. You can find these via the User Guides section of the site or by contacting support@bpnetworks.co.uk and a member of our team will send you the correct guides.

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